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Marathon Farms  takes green Polo horses at any stage and gives them the experience they need to go on to careers in Polo. Whether it’s a horse that has never seen a mallet or one that just gets nervous in traffic, we take a consistent approach with each horse to make sure that they reach their fullest potential as Polo prospects.

During the first 30 days on these horses, we focus on creating or improving all of the fundamentals taught in the colt starting process. We believe it is important for Polo horses to move, stop, and turn correctly and efficiently before they are introduced to the game.

Once a horse is ready, we slowly introduce the mallet and ball before moving them into slow stick and ball sessions and eventually green horse chukkers. Each horse will progress into the game at their own pace. Some horses can handle moving faster, while others will need to take their time. We treat each horse individually and try to create the best opportunities for them to succeed.
Marathon Farms trains the complete horse. We use the best feeds, superior hay and training methods that teach horses how to efficiently use their bodies. 

Additionally, Marathon Farms focuses on working with green horses to form a solid foundation and understanding of the "basics" while progressing them towards their future careers. While many of our horses are young thoroughbreds intended for careers in Polo, we excel with other breeds and disciplines as well, with the understanding that our program creates a horse with a solid foundation that will help it progress easily into its chosen career. 

Marathon Farms accepts AQHA Quarter Horses at any level for training. We specialize in the Western Pleasure, Western Riding, Horsemanship, Hunt Seat, and Trail. We will also help clients find the best jobs for their horses and provide the best opportunities for them to succeed as horse and rider teams. 

Our first goal with any training horse is to develop the framework that will make the horse reach its highest potential. This means creating a horse that moves truly and correctly in a frame while lifting its back and using its whole body efficiently. Once a horse is moving correctly and willingly at the walk, jog, and lope, it is ready to go on to the next step. Whether your horse needs to be rocked back for the pleasure, taught to change leads for the western riding, or moved out for the hunt seat, we can help you and your horse reach your potential and succeed at the horse shows.
Marathon Farms accepts green hunters or horses with specific problems that could be helped by our training program. If your horse needs work on improving its movement, traveling in a frame, or a lead change, it would benefit greatly from some time in our program. Please call us with any questions or to set up an appointment!

Marathon Farms offers 30, 60, and 90 day colt starting for horses going into any discipline. As soon as these horses are moving forward willingly and steering effectively at the walk, trot, and lope, we focus on improving their movement and teaching them to use their bodies in the most efficient and effective ways. Horses that come out of our colt starting program can be expected to have a firm grasp of the following things:

  • ability to move forward willingly at the walk, trot, and lope in both directions on the correct leads
  • ability to steer effectively with a direct rein as well as beginning to neck rein (if applicable)
  • ability to stop on command with weight on the hind 
  • ability to move into the bridle while remaining soft on the front end
  • ability to move hips with leg pressure only
  • ability to move shoulders with reins only 

In addition to these fundamental abilities, horses can be expected to emerge from the colt starting program with improved manners overall both on the ground and under saddle. Horses that come out of our program are quiet, easily managed, and ready to go to work for their owner. 

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